Communication Networks

Either if you are a Telco carrier, a global organization deployed internationally or local small or medium organization with networking challenges – we care the same,
That’s what we do… Oasis
Oasis understands that data needs a solid and resource efficient network to stream, we offer vast solutions of switching, routing, load balancing, caching and monitoring in all scales from a local medium IT needs to a multinational telecommunications carrier

Our goal is providing our customers Oasis like they never expected – We will make your data move from peer to peer in the most efficient, cost effective, redundant and scalable as can be expected. We plan and design networking services for IP and MPLS networks, our offering include:

  IP Audit for Network Convergence Readiness
  IP Convergence
  Layer 4-7 switching– to provide server load
  balancing and redundancy
  QOS implementation
  MPLS core technology & surrounding service implementation
  Service deployment platforms with mainstream
  propriety vendors or open source solutions
  IPv6 implementation

  Multicast deployment
  Wireless Networking; business grade wireless LAN,
Public wireless LAN and wireless MAN and WAN
  AAA services
  Global Network and Co-location Services
  Integration of security & content (VAS)
related services in IP networks
  Application acceleration solutions