Managed Network Operations Center

Oasis Network Operations Center (O-NOC)

Don’t leave it all to your busy personnel, come to our Oasis – sharing your loads and crashes is our job and we
do it joyfully.
Along the years we fairly earned our customers trust, loyalty and business. Many times we hear that they will love us to be the “extra eye” caring for their networks. And they mean it PROACTIVELY. Not just coming for the rescue whenever crisis appears. Listening to these voices, making the appropriate preparations and setting the right environment and personnel to support them, we are proud to provide a FAIR prices service of a remote NOC to our customers. We get their cases, the same time as they are, we can immediately react, troubleshoot and solve. Leaving them with the resolution reports and recommendations for future prevention, minimizing same cases reoccur as much as technology and skilled staff can promise.

We O-NOC the following for you:
We will minimize your network downtime
Monitor, solve and report any network or systems
resource interference
Provide a relief and support for your
    network administrators
24×7 service is available