Systems Infrastructure

We care about your business and understand the economical environments.
We plan and offer upon your needs and reflect options for growth. We don’t oversize neither shoot flies with canons.
We are known for master’s skills and a straight forward total cost of ownership achievements vendor
Try our Oasis, you are welcome!

Oasis portfolio and skills contains 360 degrees offering around data platforms e.g. servers and operating systems (physical and virtual), cloud and data protection systems supporting data lifecycle from creation to retention. Storage systems (NAS, SAN, DAS), tapes and automated libraries, backup and recovery systems, high availability and disaster recovery systems.

We do infrastructure. We deliver water sources and planetary to create Oasis in the desert. We cover the data lifecycle from creation to retention.
We can help you plan, design, install and support the following challenges:

  DRP – disaster recovery plan and execution (on premise or cloud)
  Building your own private cloud platform
  Backup and restore
  Storage arrays (NAS, SAN, DAS) disk or tape
  Server consolidation and virtualization
  Server orchestration and automation
  High availability (RPO, RTO metrologies)