Put your IT service requirements at the hands of the professionals. Oasis is a one-stop-shop for all your system integration and implementation solutions in networks, cyber security and modern infrastructure needs.


Our experts are accredited integration technology specialists with a rich experience in designing, deploying, troubleshooting and providing personal support for specialty systems.

What We Offer

Solutions for complex problems
Design architecture
Project management and implementation

Assistance Center

Enjoy the peace of mind of a dedicated technical support team, ready to help out 24/7, no matter the issue. Whether you’re facing an urgent crisis or a run-of-the-mill troubleshooting situation, the Oasis support team is there, day or night, via phone or email: +972-3-7212101.

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What We Offer

Minimize Network Downtime
24/7 manned TAC
Proactive system maintenance

Managed Network
Operations Center

Your team has enough on their hands, so why not let Oasis handle some of the load?
We know that for a business to run smoothly you need to keep everything in check all the time, not just when things get shaky. The Oasis mindset values proactivity just as much as it does activity, which is precisely why we make it our business to stay on guard—prepare, monitor, and act on time.


We offer remote network operation services that adhere to the high standards you’ve come to expect from Oasis. By being at your call, we are able to react, troubleshoot and protect your assets in record time, and provide you with incident reports and recommendations for future mitigation.

What We Offer

Minimize Network Downtime
24/7 manned NOC
Escalation and Event Management

Under Attack?
Broken Network System?

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