Cyber Security

Nothing says SAFE like Oasis.


Today’s cyber world is advancing at a rapid pace, and so do the vulnerabilities and threats that it faces on a daily basis. Cyber attacks are ever-evolving, and organizations must work around the clock to remain vigilant and stay ahead of attackers. By letting our experts design your organization’s data security and intellectual property, you leave more time for your team to expand and push your offering to the next level.


Oasis makes sure no harm comes to your assets, with top-of-the-line security tools and methodologies that get the job done, in record time.

What We Do

Perimeter security
Cloud Security
Attack mitigation
Remote Access
Gateway security
Attack Surface Management
Network Access Control
API Security
Vulnerability Assessment
Email Protection

Why Us

The Experience

We’ve tackled nearly every issue under the sun, on all scales. We’re not afraid of a good puzzle. When you’ve been around as long as we have, you’re ready to face any challenge with careful attention and efficiency.

The People

A hand-picked team with dozens of years of experience at taking on complex projects is at your side, from start to finish and beyond. We tailor solutions that grow with your business, no matter where it’s headed.

The Skill

Combining expert know-how with efficiency is the Oasis way. A team of trained professionals is fully dedicated to your needs, 24/7, leaving you free to focus on your product.

The Agility

Being at the top of the game requires a lot of room for creativity. Challenges and complex problems are no match for our team of innovative engineers, who have become experts at flexible creativity in problem solving.
Case Study

019mobile Application security & DDoS protection

019mobile is a telecom operator with a wide variety of services, including internet access, mobile (voice, data and text).
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