Jan 23, 2023

019mobile Application security & DDoS protection


019mobile is a telecom operator with a wide variety of services, including internet access, mobile (voice, data and text).
What makes 019mobile interesting is how they tie together digital services with telecom services.
019mobile offers extensive set of services over the web, from self-service websites for residential customers, through online interfaces for resellers to web and API interfaces for bulk texting customers.


Background & Challenge

As all companies that fully embraces digital transformation and exposes many interfaces online, the online attack surface is vastly increased as many services that were once behind strict perimeter controls are now exposed on the internet.
After experiencing a few security related incidents, some related to DDoS attacks, while some targeted the business logic using web application attacks 019mobile realized they need a robust security solution.
as a lean company with a small technical team, the solution they needed had to be effective, but also easy to implement and not require daily management of either system aspects but more importantly security configuration.



The Solution

Oasis proposed Imperva cloud WAF solution that is coupled with built in DDoS protection.
The Imperva solution is based on a global network of more than 50 points of presence around the world, each of them provides the full CDN, WAF and DDoS protection services.
Onboarding 019monile to the Imperva platform was smooth and easy by changing DNS entries.
Our learning / Benefit
It’s been few years since Oasis implemented this solution for 019 mobile.
We had 0 false positives since, and the system is blocking attacks of various kinds on a weekly basis.


The Bottom Line

Many organizations are going through their digital transformation journey.
While this is an important process it is important to keep in mind the security aspects of this journey.
When evaluating solutions it’s important to look for ones that will provide excellent security, but also provide easy implementation and daily management.


I thank G-d for having given me the privilege of working with the Oasis family. We have been together since 019 was born. I thank them for their uncompromising professionalism and excellent service. With the grace of G-d, may they succeed in every endeavor.
— Azaria Sela, CEO &owner at 019 mobile

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