Jan 11, 2023

Shufersal – Data Center Upgrade


Shufersal is the leading retailer in Israel, with hundreds of retail shops around the country as well as very significant e-commerce activity.
All of this huge operation requires is supported by IT infrastructure that needs to provide high performance while maintaining very high availability.


Background & Challenge

The increase in number of workloads, the size of the data and the increased availability requirements was just too much for the previous network infrastructure and network design.
Shufersal was looking for a new network infrastructure that will allow them higher bandwidth, modern protocols and standards to support multisite high availability, and especially state of the art management and monitoring infrastructure that supports high resolution monitoring with template-based, device and network configuration management.
Shufersal was also looking for a company that could help them perform the migration from the previous solution to the new one as seamlessly as possible, minimizing downtime and ensuring the new solution meets all of Shufersals requirements


The Solution

After a long evaluation process, Shufersal chose Oasis to implement an EVPN-VXLAN DC fabric based on equipment from Arista networks.
The solution is based on two leaf and spine networks in two separate locations with a unified EVPN-VXLAN overlay on top.
The management and monitoring aspects are covered by Arista networks cloud vision software that Is using streaming telemetry for high resolution monitoring.


The Bottom Line

The new network infrastructure improved network performance and reliability.
The cloud vision management and monitoring solution allows Shufersal to deploy new network services while ensuring the implementation follows best practices and repeatable architecture.
The new monitoring capabilities improve network reliability by shortening the time to detect and correct issues affecting the network.
Network operations are also improved by automating aspects such as software upgrades.


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